How much does being a member of a Sorority cost? 
It varies among our Sorority's. Sorority members pay dues each semester. Many groups use financial management companies, which offers online access and monthly payment plans. Each chapter has a financial requirement, which should be taken into consideration before pledging a sorority. It is important to note that membership fees vary by sorority and there may be a deference in fees from new member to initiated member as there are one-time new member fees. 

*You will receive a finical transparency form from each Chapter on the second night of recruitment that lays out that specific sorority's fees. 

Do I have to live in the house?

No. Each of our sorority's are lucky enough to have houses on campus, however you are not required to live in them. Each house must have a minimum of 4 residents and can hold a maximum of 8. Each Chapter has their own policies as to how they fill their housing. 

**According to Oglethorpe's policies first year students are not allowed to live on greek row, no exceptions.**