What is Recruitment?

Recruitment is a period of time during the school year in which events are held by each sorority for the purpose of selecting new members; recruitment is organized and implemented by the College Panhellenic Council.
When can I participate in Sorority Recruitment?

Primary sorority recruitment at Oglethorpe University is only conducted in the fall semester, within the first month of the start of school. 2022 Recruitment week begins with Orientation on Tuesday, September 13th and concludes with Bid Day on Saturday, September 17th, 2022.

What is a Bid?
A Bid is an invitation to join a sorority.

Does Recruitment have a fee?

No! This is the first year that recruitment is free! We want to include everybody in our Panhellenic experience, and believe that cost should not get in the way of finding your way home.  

Can I go through Recruitment as an upperclassman or a transfer? 

Yes. We have many Panhellenic Woman that have gone through recruitment as transfers or upperclassman! Provided you are a full-time female student at OU and have not been initiated into an NPC sorority at OU or on another campus, you may participate in recruitment. 

Is there a required GPA to go through Recruitment?
Although Panhellenic does not require a specific grade point average (GPA) to participate in formal recruitment, each sorority has a minimum grade requirement to be eligible for membership. Every sorority strives to maintain a high chapter grade point average (GPA), therefore each must consider a woman’s ability to adhere to the chapter's scholastic standards.

Does participation in formal recruitment guarantee a bid for membership?

No. Although majority of the women participating in Recruitment are invited to join a chapter at the end of recruitment, it is not guaranteed. Recruitment is a process of mutual selection, and as such, there are many different outcomes to this process. Each sorority at OU has their own membership criteria, oftentimes governed by their national organization, which they use to make their selections. As such, unfortunately, we also have women who are completely released from the recruitment process, although this number is low. 

If I decide not to participate in Recruitment, is my registration fee refundable? 

No. Unfortunately, all registration fees are nonrefundable

What is MRABA?

The Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement (MRABA), is a one-year binding agreement signed by a potential new member when ranking chapters after the final round of Preference events during the Formal Recruitment process. Prior to signing the MRABA, PNMs have several options to consider and reflect on with regard to membership options.
After signing MRABA you are agreeing to accept your bid, although you do have the option to decline your bid, if you decide that is what you want to do. However, if you do decide to decline your bid, you are ineligible to accept a bid from another NPC organization for one calendar year. 

What if I received a bid during recruitment and have since decided to decline it? 

If at the conclusion of formal recruitment a PNM receives a bid to a chapter that she listed on her MRABA and later decides to decline it, she is still bound to the chapter for one year or until the next primary recruitment period (Fall semester), meaning she cannot participate in accept a bid for membership to another NPC sorority.